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2020 Demo Reel


1. Butterfly and Mushroom-Octopus creature ---> Rigging and secondary modeling.

2. Flying dragons ---> Modeling, rigging, and animation.

3. Paint swatch flowers and backyard ---> Animated flowers sprouting and blooming. Ambient animation for plants in wide shot.

4. Hersheys Cookie Crunch ---> All animation and rigging.

5. Heineken ---> All 3D for robot arm.

6. Tennis, Muscle Milk ---> All 3D for tennis balls they're hitting and on the ground.

7. Pufferfish ---> Rigging

8. Google ---> Animation

9. Target Headphones and Toys ---> All rigging and animation.

10. Golf / 3D Hands ---> Modeling, rigging, match-move animation. Texturing on 3D arm.

11. IBM Warehouse ---> All 3D for dryer machine and water sprayer in back.

12. Breakdancer ---> All modeling and rigging.

13. Office characters ---> Modeling, and rigging.


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